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People, places, times and resources can be tracked and reported.

Opt for a professional agenda, save time and achieve your goals of monitoring and efficiency!

You can use the open-source version of SOPlanning : this version is free, and must be hosted (Perwin Web Design can put it on your server) and supported by you.

Download open-source version

The pro version of SO Planning meets the needs of any business: a simple planning tool that offers a global vision, accessible on all devices via Internet, which allows you to manage your projects and resources in collaborative mode with an efficient software.
SOplanning is a planning management software compatible with mac android or any other terminal (tablet, computer, etc.). Just be connected to the internet and you access all your data.
SOPlanning is also compatible with Google Calendar and outlook.

Important features of a project management tool

As part of a monitoring of the turnover of your company, our professional planning will help you to set up all the necessary processes and actions, and better manage the risks:

  • visualization of tasks and project management
  • human resources management, absences, holidays
  • production lead management
  • management of productivity, profitability indicators
  • management of recurring tasks
  • availability of places and materials
  • cumulative days and hours

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